New York City Neighborhoods

A quick rundown of the must-see neighborhoods in NYC, what to expect (and the best souvenirs to take home with you)

New York City is a city with an ever changing landscape. There are so many neighborhoods within New York City to explore that you will often need to make multiple trips in order to see everything.  Even when you think you’ve seen it all, something new appears or you may notice something you have never seen before.  A great way to capture a memory is to take a photo, but even better would be to buy a souvenir framed photo of the iconic New York City landmarks and sceneries.

Some of the neighborhoods that we recommend checking out on your next trip to New York City are the Lower East Side, Little Italy, Midtown, and Times Square.

The Lower East Side, which is sometimes referred to as the “LES,” is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of New York City between Bowery and the East River. The Lower East side is a working-class neighborhood with lots of art and small restaurants. To remember your trip to the Lower East Side, this New York City unisex splash sweatshirt makes the perfect souvenir as it shows the artist mentality of the Lower East Side.

Little Italy is a neighborhood in New York City known for its large Italian population. It is located on the west by Tribeca and Soho and on the south by Chinatown. In Little Italy you will find many fine Italian Restaurants and Gelato shops serving the best food you can find in the city! If you want a true New York City Italian meal, you must come to Little Italy to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner.  This New York Menu apron which has images of the city’s icons will remind you of the wonderful meal and time you had in Little Italy, New York City. It's the perfect souvenir for any foodie!

Midtown Manhattan is the central portion of New York City.  Here is where you will find the large skyscrapers that you’ve always dreamed of seeing.  Some of the large skyscrapers in midtown Manhattan are the Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, United Nations, and the Grand Central Station.  You will also see logs of large buildings which contain offices for large corporations.  This part of the city is the most expensive and most populated but from a tourist’s perspective, this area is where there is most to see. You can spend days upon days in this area, and if you make multiple trips to New York City, you will always see something new! A great souvenir to remind you of Midtown Manhattan is this New York skyline figurine which shows many of the large skyscrapers located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.