Here is Why You Should Buy a Souvenir from your Travels

The team behind Love NYC Souvenirs has been in the industry for 18 years. If there was ever such a thing as an expert in the souvenir business, we would count ourselves as one. We have traveled around the world, attended many trade shows, and have visited countless travel retail stores and souvenir shops. Each place we visit we always pick up a souvenir because although a memory lasts a lifetime, you always need something to remind you of that memory. Years later, when you look at your souvenir you vividly remember where you were, who you were with, and sometimes even the shop that you bought it in.

When people travel, budget is involved. Some of us are in the market for more expensive souvenirs and others prefer more affordable ones. Just because a souvenir is more expensive or less expensive it doesn’t make it any less of a souvenir! One thing about the souvenir business is when you think you’ve seen everything, you haven’t, there is always something new and that is why we love it! Here are some of our all-time New York City souvenirs that fit into every budget: A New York photo apron to protect your outfit from spills and stains while you do your magic in the kitchen. ($16.99)

A 65mm taxi snow globe that features some of the most famous New York landmarks inside a glass enclosure. ($15.99)

A durable 3D PVC luggage tag that features the New York skyline in vibrant colors so you’ll never lose a luggage again! ($8.99)

A “I Love NY” mug for your morning coffee, or for anyone in your family or circle of friends who loves coffee as much as you do. ($5.99)

A chic pink polka dot coffee mug with spoon in a gift box to add to your collection of souvenir mugs. ($8.99)

A 6” Statue of Liberty with a Flag base, a classic NYC souvenir, which reminds you of the amazing 305 ft structure on Liberty Island. ($7.99)

A New York City hobo bag that you can use as an everyday bag. ($22.99)

A stylish floral baseball hat that not only completes an outfit but also protects your face from the sun. ($16.99)

A pack of three delicious chocolate bars in a Snoopy New York themed packaging for every chocolate lover in your family or group of friends. ($16.99)

A wooden love magnet that features the Brooklyn Bridge for your special someone or any couple you know. ($3.99)

A postcard that features amazing Stephanie Izzo photographs of different New York landmarks. ($0.65)

A unique shot glass features the iconic New York skyline hand painted in silver. A great addition to your collection. Also makes a great gift for your friends! ($7.99)

A beautiful 10” light-up 3D model of the Empire State Building, which makes an interesting decor too. ($21.99)

A classic black and grey winter hat to keep you warm and comfy. ($14.99)

A pair of soft and cozy winter gloves in black to complete your winter gear. (12.99)

Every item on this list is a really good value for the money. These souvenirs are functional and are great reminders of your trip to NYC. See our full collection here for more unique and useful souvenirs!