Great Souvenirs $5 and Under

Souvenir shopping on a small budget

When it comes to buying New York City souvenirs, everyone has a budget in mind. One of my favorite aspects about a souvenir is that you can always find something that fits your budget. Many of our customers are often buying souvenirs for multiple friends and family so they often ask which souvenirs we recommend that they can buy in a large quantity of but not overextend their budget. Some of my favorites that we often recommend are as follows:

A lapel pin is an awesome gift. Many people collect them, and others wear them on their lapel, baseball hat, or book bag. All of our New York-themed souvenir lapel pins are made of high-quality metal with enamel paint. They come with a closable metal clasp that ensures the pin will not fall off. We have so many designs to choose from. They only cost $1.75 each and your friends and family will love them! 

New York-themed Magnets are one of our most popular souvenir categories. They make a great memento as each magnet shows a different scene of New York city. Most customers buy multiple magnets at once as they brighten up any refrigerator and they are extremely giftable. We carry a large assortment of souvenir magnets ranging from metal, poly-resin, and even wood. We are always expanding this section as we love refreshing all of our product lines. All of our New York-themed souvenir magnets are priced at $3.95. Take a look! 

Everyone loves our New York-themed souvenir keychains because they are priced great at $2.95-$4.95. Our most popular keychains are the charm keychains which are made of heavy-duty metal and enamel paint. They are unisex and make an amazing gift for anyone. We also carry other types of novelty keychains such as teddy bear keychains, coin purse keychains, and germ protection keychains. When we buy souvenirs for our friends and family, keychains are always included! 

A shot glass is a classic souvenir. Many people buy multiple shot glasses as collectors’ pieces, home decor, or to actually use them to drink their favorite beverage. Friends and family will love them! All of our New York-themed souvenir shot glasses are made of thick glass with photos printed around the entire shot and our higher end shot glasses are made of a combination of thick glass and either metal or polyresin.

At Love NYC Souvenirs, we carry a large number of shot glasses which cost only $1.95-$4.95. These are a must see!