All Dogs Go to New York

We’ve rounded up the best NYC themed souvenirs for your dogs and for the dog lovers in your life!

In 2020, the U.S. pet industry was worth well over 100 billion dollars.  And each year the pet industry grows bigger and bigger.  While enjoying the sights and sounds of New York City, you’ve probably noticed the large number of dogs roaming the streets with their owners.  On any given day, if you take a walk-up 5th Ave near Central Park you will see hundreds of different dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Nowadays, airlines are mostly all pet-friendly and out of towners are bringing their dogs to New York City to visit along with the rest of their family members.  You wouldn’t think that a major city would be so conducive to our 4-legged friends but there is an abundant amount of dog parks and recreational spots where dogs are welcomed to run freely.  Although dogs are not allowed inside restaurants, you will often see them sitting outside with their owners or even inside some stores where food is not present.  We know this sounds strange, but it is allowed! 

When shopping for a souvenir, you are often prepared with a list of people who you want to buy something for.  Who ever thought that the list of people would turn into a list of dogs you want to buy a New York souvenir for as well?  At Love NYC Souvenirs we are always looking to diversify, and NOW we include souvenirs for dogs! Some of the items we carry are dog toys, dog bandanas, and dog t-shirts.

New York City is known for its high fashion and now your dog can dress to the nines too.  Our New York-themed souvenir dog t-shirts come in 5 sizes, as all dogs come in different sizes!  These cute shirts will remind you of your trip to New York every time your dog wears them.  They are made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the same material that most regular t-shirts are made of. They are oh so comfortable! Don’t worry, they are washable as we all know dogs can never stay clean! 

We carry a large selection of New York-themed plush dog toys which contain a squeaker that will entertain your dog for hours.  Each dog toy has New York written on the front and little dog paws on the upper right and lower right hand corners.  These are a huge hit, especially with our own dogs.  As soon as we opened the box in which they came one of our dogs ran over and helped himself to a toy! 

Another great pet souvenir we carry is our New York themed dog bandana.  We have a multitude of colors!  You can adjust the size of the bandana by folding it according to the size of your dog.  These one-size-fits-all souvenir dog bandanas make a great gift especially if you don’t know the size of the dog you are buying them for.  They are made of 100% polyester and are washable. 

If you are looking for gifts or souvenirs for your dogs or for your friends or family members who are dog lovers, our New York-themed dog bandanas, toys, and t-shirts are a great option! And the best part is, you don’t even have to visit a physical store to purchase our souvenirs. All our souvenir items are available online and can be shipped wherever you are for your convenience! Shop for New York-themed dog souvenirs at Love NYC Souvenirs now!