5 NYC Souvenirs Your Loved One Will Appreciate on Valentine’s Day

Special New York-themed gifts for your special someone

For many lucky individuals, February 14th is a day filled with love and happiness — everything we aspire to achieve in life, no? From fresh red roses to chocolate-covered strawberries, there’s no shortage of ways to display your affection for your significant other. 

Of course, you can’t have a successful Valentine’s Day without one crucial factor: gifts! There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as seeing a smile light up your partner’s face when you hand them that special present you’ve been hiding all year. 

While the pandemic may have limited your ability to take a romantic city getaway, you can still bring those bright lights into your home with some of these NYC souvenirs. 

Consider some of these options this Valentine’s Day:    

1. Empire State Building Light-Up Figure 

 This light-up 3D model of the iconic Empire State Building is a perfect gift for loved ones who want to keep a piece of NYC’s historic skyline close to home. Turn it on at any time to keep those mesmerizing city lights twinkling all year long and to show your loved one how much you care. This Empire State Building souvenir model even comes with a battery for easy set-up! 


2. Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building Picture Frame 

 Pictures are a way to capture some of the most memorable moments in your life, making this NYC souvenir an essential item for Valentine’s Day. If you and your loved one have spent some time in the Big Apple, this high-quality 4x6 Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building picture frame can house one of your best photos and ensure neither of you forgets the city-born love that bonds you together. The Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty will smile down on your romance! (Literally). 


3. I Love NY Hoodie 

 Winter can be cold in the city; why not warm both you and your partner with some cozy NYC souvenirs? These classic I Love NY hoodies are bound to last as long as your eternal romantic feelings, representing both the love you have for the city and your love for the special someone in your life! There’s no better way to show pride for your favorite United States metropolis than with this classic wearable New York-themed souvenir!


4. New York Hobo Bag: Floral 

The Big Apple is known for its global fashion scene. Who said NYC souvenirs couldn’t be just as glamorous? The woman in your life will adore this chic New York floral bag perfect for a trip to the shopping mall or a night out with her girlfriends. No matter where she takes this souvenir bag, she’ll be bringing along NYC’s fashion spirit with her.  


5. New York Face Mask: Night Skyline 

There’s nothing more important than keeping you and your loved one safe throughout the pandemic. Fortunately, these NYC souvenirs can keep you stylish and protected — even in the direst of circumstances. Gift your significant other one of these New York night skyline masks to show them you care deeply for their wellbeing. This souvenir mask’s sparkling stars are also a perfect representation of the light waiting at the end of this long tunnel! 

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Shop special New York-themed gifts now for your special someone and have them delivered to your address! Visit our website to browse all gift ideas today!