21 Authentic New York Souvenirs

Whether you’re searching for a perfect gift for the NY souvenirs lover in your life or for your personal collection, finding the right item can be a long journey. With so many options to consider, it can be easy to grow overwhelmed, especially if you’re trying to find the most authentic New York souvenirs possible. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Regardless of who you might be buying them for, this comprehensive list contains a collection of NYC souvenirs guaranteed to delight any fan of the Big Apple. Look below to find your next favorite! 


1. King Kong Pin 

Two worldwide pop culture icons clash together with this incredibly detailed, fashionable lapel pin that will look great on anything: from backpack straps to jacket sleeves. When it comes to authenticity, there’s probably nothing more iconic than the Empire State Building and King Kong — thanks to the hit 1933 film, they are practically inseparable, making this the perfect gift for anyone who loves the city. Click here to vew product.


2. New York City Skyline Magnet

When you think of the city, what comes to mind? Thanks to the incredible advancements in architecture and construction technology, you probably picture its breathtaking skyline before anything else. 

Well, with this magnet, you can bring that incredible sight everywhere. As one of the most authentic NYC souvenirs on the market, this item will bring any area to life with a touch of city magic. Click here to vew product.


3. NYC Wall Street Charging Bull Replica 

This iconic area in the city is known for its commitment to financial progress and power, housing some of the most influential investment firms in the world. As such, there’s no better way to take your own piece of financial success home than with one of these NY souvenirs. Placed on a sturdy wooden base, this durable poly resin replica of the charging bull will make you feel like you’re standing right in the center of Wall Street — even if you’re on the other side of the world. Click here to vew product.


4. New York City Taxi Magnet

Long before you could call an Uber driver with the press of a button, the Big Apple was home to an army of yellow taxis. Aside from providing reliable transportation to thousands of individuals each day, these iconic vehicles have graced New York souvenirs ever since they hit the streets. So, why not pay homage to their hard work and service with one of these polyresin, hand painted magnets? Click here to vew product.


5. NYPD Baseball Cap Embroidered Patch

Of course, being able to enjoy the city would not be possible without those who dedicate their lives to keeping it safe. From suppressing crime to supporting communities, the NYPD is always striving to improve the city. 

Represent your appreciation with one of these authentic, officially licensed NY souvenirs displaying the NYPD’s logo. Aside from looking great, this adjustable and comfortable baseball cap will help you stay out of the sun!  Click here to vew product.


6. World Trade Center Statue

Though the tragic fate of the World Trade Center shocked the world, its memory will always live on forever. 

Since their opening on April 4, 1973, these two iconic towers were representative of the city’s commitment to progress and innovation. As such, you can find them on dozens of NYC souvenirs, such as this polyresin, hand painted statue replica. Place it on your nightstand, office desk, living room, or anywhere else to keep the Twin Towers alive through memory. Click here to vew product.


7. Statue of Liberty Face Magnet

The Statue of Liberty remains an iconic American symbol across the world, and for good reason. Whether you’ve visited the structure in-person or solely through pictures, you can’t deny the wonder and awe its presence encourages. Undoubtedly, it is an inspiring representation of the values and freedom our nation holds so dearly. 

Fortunately, you can bring this feeling anywhere thanks to the many New York souvenirs of the statue. Stick this durable, realistic face magnet onto your fridge to stay reminded of the one-of-a-kind location. Click here to vew product. 


8. Medium New York City All White Snow Globe

There is no doubt about it: There may be no place more magical during winter than the Big Apple. Snow-covered streets and twinkling lights turn the entire city into a wonderland once those colder months roll around, delighting millions of travelers and residents alike.  

So, why not bring a piece of this wonder home with you with winter-inspired NY souvenirs? Relive the gorgeous, snow-covered buildings with this elegant snow globe fit with 3D replicas of New York’s most iconic landmarks. It’s like having a piece of winter kept right in your home! Click here to vew product.


9. Brooklyn License Plate 


You can’t speak of New York without mentioning its most populous borough: the eccentric, lively Brooklyn. Home to some of the most stunning street art and incredible food in the nation, this area contains truly breathtaking views of Manhattan. 

As such, you’ll find no shortage of authentic NYC souvenirs representing the area. And what better way to bring it into your home than with this metal Brooklyn licnese plate replica?  Click here to vew product.


10. New York City Photo Postcard

If you’re like most travelers enjoying the big city, you’ll need a way to share the unforgettable moment with the rest of your loved ones who might’ve stayed back home. 

Well, there’s no better way to grant them a piece of the magic than with this photo postcard displaying some of the best landmarks the city has to offer. Pair it alongside your favorite New York souvenirs to truly make their day! Click here to vew product.


11. New York Skyline Model with Wood Base 

Why only bring one iconic piece of the city home when you could bring all of them?  

That’s right; this 4.5” tall replica may very well be one of the most iconic NY souvenirs out there, fit with everything that makes the Big Apple such a magical place, including its skyline, yellow taxis, Brooklyn Bridge, and more! Click here to vew product.


12. I Love New York T-Shirt 

You can’t be a fan of NYC souvenirs without having at least one “I Love NY” item in your collection. The world-famous phrase is guaranteed to prove to the world how much you care about the city, which is why this t-shirt is a crucial addition to your closet. As a bonus, its 100% high-quality cotton materials make it incredibly comfortable! Click here to vew product.


13. Big Apple Pin 

From the “City that Never Sleeps” to “Gotham”, the biggest city in America has no shortage of nicknames its residents love to call it by. Bring one of them home with you with this lapel Big Apple pin that’ll look great on anything! Click here to vew product.


14.  Statue of Liberty Foam Crown Souvenir 

Are you suddenly missing the Statue of Liberty? Then why not become the Statue of Liberty?  

Take advantage of one of the most unique New York souvenirs out there with this fashionable, funny foam crown. Whether you’re wearing it out to lunch or to a costume party, it’s guaranteed to delight everyone who sees it. Click here to vew product.


15. New York City Icon Coin Purse

Today’s NY souvenirs aren’t just great additions to your collection: they’re also incredibly practical! Using this durable pocket purse, you can carry change without worry of losing your precious coins — all while enjoying the city’s best icons. Truly, it’s the best of both worlds. Click here to vew product.


 16. New York City Pizza Pin

Your sightseeing journey across the Big Apple wouldn’t be complete without a few stops at its iconic eateries: specifically, those that serve the hottest, most delicious New York-style pizza slices. 

So, take those one-of-a-kind flavors anywhere with one of these authentic NYC souvenirs. Wherever you are, you’ll be reminded of the city’s excellent pizza! Click here to vew product.


17.  Broadway New York City Magnet

NYC’s entertainment capital is truly a place to behold, which makes it no surprise to find a steady supply of Broadway-inspired New York souvenirs wherever you look. Still, nothing may be as authentic as this Broadway magnet featuring a detailed, realistic depiction of the famous area. Click here to vew product.


18. Comedy–Tragedy Theater Masks Pin 

Pair your Broadway magnet with the iconic symbol of comedy–tragedy, which can be found across the entire location. It is one of the best NY souvenirs to prove you know everything that makes the city special! Click here to vew product.


19. I Love NY Medium Plush Puppy 

Ready to cuddle up with a piece of city magic? As one of the softest (and cutest) NYC souvenirs there is, this “I Love NY” plush puppy is guaranteed to be a delightful gift for recipients of all ages. It’s a great way to remember the city, no matter where you are! Click here to vew product.


20.  Silver New York City Skyline Mug

Add a touch of city life to your mornings with this high-quality, durable porcelain mug featuring an artistic depiction of its iconic skyline. As a bonus, you can pair it with our matching notebook and pen New York souvenirs to complete the set! Click here to vew product.


21. New York City Map Canvas Tote Bag  

There is possibly nothing better than NY souvenirs that you can use every day, which makes this practical and stylish tote bag one of the best items on our list. Use it to carry your books, wallet, phone, groceries, and other items — all while enjoying an authentic and fun city map printed on the front! Click here to vew product.